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Right now the Gryffindor In-House is to post things in the comments that you are thankful for/that make you happy. I *love* this! and I want to extend it to my flist, Gryffs and non-Gryffs. So post some words, images, sound clips, video files, art, writing, whatever strikes you, all in the comments section!

I'm going to make this one public because I don't have too many friends on here, so if some of you who are more well-endowed in the friend department want to link people here, be my guest!

A textbox, which you can use or not use, idgaf.

Credit for the idea goes to the Gryff Prefects, probably.
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An open message to platform_934

Hello, Hogwartsishomies! (heehee, I like that name)

I'm super excited to get sorted and start exploring this community, and especially to start meeting people! Looks like I'll be ending up in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, unless there's a massive onslaught of late surprise votes. Just FYI, I'm leaving the country for a week starting on Saturday, so I won't have the time to stalk all the communities and post endlessly like I would normally do. And after next week, I'll be doing some additional travelling. Basically my Internet life won't be back to normal for quite some time.

BUT regardless I will be active in this place to some level, so please don't take my (predicted) initial silence as a sign of disinterest! And I might even get a chance to be active, I just don't know yet. Feel free to comment here/add me in the meantime. Assuming anyone is actually reading this.